Experience:10+ Years





Master Trainer


Peruvian native, Hernan attributes his love for discipline and competition. He adheres to his father’s philosophy that “the body achieves what the mind believes”, a standard he continually benefits from to this day.
Hernan is well versed in the aesthetics of human anatomy, body symmetry, shape, and definition. He takes his knowledge of the body and applies it to fitness. Hernan largely relies upon his artistic knowledge when he trains his clients. He envisions his clients how they will look after their transformation, and works with them to achieve that desired image.
Hernan places his attention not only on the aesthetic benefits desired from exercise, but also in performance enhancement, pain free living and proper nutrition. Hernan believes that to build something you must know their individual parts and how they work. He builds on a stronger foundation to create a smarter, sexier, more confident, and powerful person.

“I want my clients to walk around confident in their bodies, their ability and belief that they have the power and tools to take on any physical and or mental obstacle that they may encounter.” says Hernan.


Weight Loss
Functional Training
Tension Release Therapy